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Celebrating Melbourne’s Diversity

The Melbourne Football Club is aiming for the most culturally diverse crowd ever at an AFL game, when it hosts ‘Celebrate Melbourne’s Diversity’ at its round 15 clash against the Adelaide Crows at the MCG. With Melbourne being a culturally diverse city – with many people from around the world calling it home, either forever or temporarily – the club is aiming to attract an additional 10,000 attendees to the game to represent Melbourne’s diversity.

As part of the celebration the club will be offering the opportunity for 73 individuals from the 73 different countries that make up the Consular Corps to be involved in a special national flag parade at half time on the MCG surface. The Club is encouraging people to sign up and represent their country in the flag parade at the MCG. To register to be a part of this please visit to register.

As part of Celebrate Melbourne’s Diversity’, The Melbourne Football Club wants to bring the AFL experience to life in an international scene and create a sense of belonging to the city and the MCG. Tickets to the game against the Adelaide Crows on Sunday 3 July are free for anyone that holds an international passport. To register for a free ticket please also visit

As part of the celebrations, the following activities will happen on the day: - Welcome messages on the LED signage and scoreboard in a large number of different languages - Culturally diverse musical and artistic integration - Designated bays within the lower seating bowl for attendees to sit in and get involved in the fun and colour of the day - Flag parade at half time using 73 flags of the countries that are part of the Consular Corps in Melbourne, plus the Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags and accompanied around the stadium by individuals from the respective countries/regions

The event will be held in the lead-up to the AFL’s multicultural round, which will be held the following weekend in round 16.

For more information please contact Jane McGough on 0409 286 040

PDF version of the media release can be downloaded here

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